Dr. Harith WimalaratnaAyubowan!
May you live long!
May you be blessed with long and healthy life!

Haven’t we Sri Lankan’s greeted each other, thus for generations little knowing perhaps, of the meaning of this wonderful wish?
The Kandy Society of Medicine since its inception in 1964 has contributed in its own way to the betterment of public health of our country. Through education of the medical fraternity and public at large.

The weekly Continuing Medical Education (CME) lectures and many other workshops conducted by the experts in the relevant fields, culminating in the Foundation Sessions and Annual Academic Sessions as well as the Journal of the Kandy Society of Medicine ‘Sri Lanka Journal of Medicine’ provide invaluable forum for discussion, sharing and dissipation of knowledge.

Unity and originality have been the keys of the success of the KSM. Over the past 12 months we worked with vision of caring for the elderly in a better manner. In fact we worked for long life of a better quality.  The outcome is commendable

As we look forward to the 31st Annual Academic Sessions I congratulate the KSM for its innumerable achievements, through the year.

May all be blessed with good luck and long life!


Dr. Harith Wimalaratna
Consultant Physician &
President – Kandy Society of Medicine