Dr. G. S. Edirisinghe President, The KSMI consider it a great honor and a privilege to be appointed as the President of the most prestigious Clinical body in the central province and wish to thank all of you who entrusted me with this task. I feel quite humbled when I go through the list of past presidents of the KSM, as many of them are household names in this country and many others are my revered teachers who have inspired me. I will make it certain that the trust you all placed in me will not be in vain.

I take this opportunity to appreciate with admiration the yeoman’s service the outgoing President, Prof Badra Hewawithana rendered to the KSM. She has put the whole house in order , and that will make my life more easier. I am indeed thankful to her and her energetic committee for all they have contributed to the KSM.

I thank you, the able members of my committee for joining hands with me, knowing very well that you all will have to make sacrifices. Your strength and assistance means a lot to me, and together, we will try to serve the KSM to the best of our ability.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members of KSM, old and young, who were our strength over the years. You have demonstrated your support by taking part in all KSM academic and social activities. I invite you to continue your support. This makes our efforts tenable, practical and rewarding. We are always open to your suggestions and creative criticism. You forward your suggestions by writing to us, calling us or posting in our Face Book page.

I also wish to thank all our sponsors in the past. KSM couldn’t have done so well without your support and I appeal to you to continue with your support in the years to come.

During my tenure, the KSM will continue with all its usual academic activities . Nothing started by the previous President will stop. The CME sessions will continue with webcasts , and we hope to extend these services to some other hospitals as well. Assistance and encouragement to medical research will continue and we will do six CME programmes on research. CME’s on quality assurance and presentation skills will be conducted as well. A plan is under way to give away a CD containing the contents of the CME lectures to its participants. A series of lectures called “ Beyond Medicine “ will be conducted. These will include interesting topics outside Medicine.

Activities are planned in collaboration with the CCOP, SLMA and SLOA.

We have already established a KSM face book page so that the members can interact. Please browse it, like it, invite other members to it, and post your suggestions and images. This is done purely to encourage interaction amongst KSM members and families so that KSM becomes a more tighter knit association in all aspects.

All other annual traditional academic activities and social activities will continue as usual.

I sincerely hope with your support the KSM will have another good year. I wish you all good health, prosperity and peace of mind.

Dr. G. S. Edirisinghe
President, The KSM