dr kanishka de  silvaFirst of all I wish to express my sincere gratitude to members of Kandy Society of Medicine for placing trust on me to hold the prestigious post of the President of KSM.

Kandy society of medicine, the well established society with its traditions, now popularly referred to as KSM, had a very simple beginning. In 1963 Dr .Karunaratne, Dr .Varugunam and Mr. Rasaratnam organised, Tuesday evening talks to discuss interesting cases, which later came to be known as Tuesday talks.

These talks later shifted to Peradeniya physiology lecture theatre and was incorporated as activities of a newly formed medical society in 1964 under the name, Kandy society of medicine. Professor RS Watson was the 1st president, the 3 Doctors who started the talks became its 1st secretaries.

Up to now 39 individuals have held the office of President of the Kandy society of medicine and the society has developed in to a well established institution with a life membership of more than 600 medical officers and is currently the 2nd oldest and the 2nd largest medical association in Sri Lanka, second only to Sri Lanka Medical association.

The primary objectives of the society as stated in the constitution in simple words are:
a) To promote advancement of medical and related sciences and propagate knowledge among its members
b) To promote the interest, welfare , rights and privileges of the members
c) To promote and provide social & other activities for the members

The 1st objective is essentially the core of any scientific body without which the need for existence of a scientific society, naturally become questionable. I and my council are determined to full fill all these 3 objectives while embarking on a scientific theme of “Medical information – the way forward” which essentially is within the framework of the 1st and the main objective of KSM.

Last year’s KSM theme was bridging the gap between research and medical practice. Equally important aspect is to bridge the gap between medical practice and its actual medical service providers ( ie. : to take new knowledge to Medical personal and students) as well bridge the gap between medical personal and their patients who are essentially their customers ( ie.; to take new knowledge to patients and pave way for a meaningful dialog between doctors and patients). This would improve treatment results. That is why we selected the theme for the 2010 – 11 KSM year – “Medical information the way forward”. This would deliver the fruits of new developments to its end users.

In pursuing this goal, we hope to conduct continuing medical education activities throughout the year with special emphasis on undergraduates and post graduates which is in fact in line with the origin of KSM as I mentioned earlier.

Our journal which was 1st published in 1992 as KSM journal or KMJ and renamed in 1996 as the Sri Lanka Journal of medicine or SMJ has finished its teething problems and is waiting to take wings into the international scenario. We hope to put our maximum effort to get our journal indexed during our term which will give an opportunity to our members to get their articles published in an international journal with less hazel. This is also within the framework of our theme of taking medical information to its end users.

The other area we hope to concentrate is our web. Active web is a major asset for everyone who wants information. Our website which was created in 2002 needs a face lift . It is our council’s interest to provide this much needed facial. This will allow interaction and interest and would also be in line with our theme.

We also hope to organise public education programmes and pass the information to the actual customers of medicine, the patients. The well known saying I am sure all of you are familiar with “Justice must not only be done but should appear to be done.” Similarly without information, patients may even question correct treatment. Educating patients therefore is mandatory to address this problem.

On the social line, we hope to carryout all the popular social events such as New year celebrations, paduru party, Poson bakthigeetha, Annual trip, etc. to best of our ability. We also wish to revive the Law - medical cricket and social encounter which has not been undertaken for the past 5 years. These activities are essential to provide our very busy members an opportunity to interact with each other and enjoy a family unity among them.

We have already worked out an events calendar, which will be added to our web for members easy reference. It is our ambition to provide a fruitful KSM year and end on a high note with a meaningful Annual secessions.

I have tried to give a glimpse into our hopes and aspirations in the coming year. I and my council are determined to full fill the expectations of our beloved members, for whom KSM is a treasured institution.

Thank You.

Dr. Kanishka De Silva
President KSM