Friday, 09th August – Hotel Amaya Hills, Kandy.

The Kandy Society of Medicine takes pride in appreciating the work of a dedicated scientist each year, by awarding the KSM Research Prize Oration at the annual Foundation Sessions. This task carried a special significance for the KSM council of 2019, since we have dedicated this year to work on the theme of ‘Education for Health’.

Dr.Anjana De Silva, the winner of the KSM Research Prize Oration this year has showcased his perseverance as well as life-time accomplishments, ever so wonderfully, in his field of study.

Dr B.J.C. Perera as our Chief Guest was a symbol of support, encouragement and gallantry in research that is vital for a researcher when he or she starts to wander around with brand new untested ideas, probably unacceptable to many as they are not seen in textbooks.

Our Guest of Honour, Professor Tilak Abeysinghe, an expert in bio-statistics told us about what is done in Singapore, which lead us to a logical approach of comparative and critical analysis of our own system of health care.

The sing-along session on the preceding night was a delightful experience that helped to craft the ecstasy of lasting harmony for future research and education ventures of the KSM.


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